Christina Corfield

ARTFORMS: Visual Arts


Bristol-born Christina Corfield moved to Glasgow to study art at the Glasgow School of Art. After graduation in 2003, she stayed on in Glasgow, attracted by the vibrant, challenging and active art scene in the city. At her degree show, Christina won the British Airways Glasgow Student Travel Award which allowed her to spend two weeks in Madrid visiting the Prado and other large museum collections.

Christina is now working as a freelance artist and dedicated to her practice as a visual artist. As a student she displayed the ability to question and critique her work and push it into new territory, both in relation to ideas and methods. Having developed her practice to become stronger and more diverse, now is the time for Christina to continue her studies to take her work to new levels of achievement.
Going abroad to pursue a Masters will help expand Christina’s horizons. She says that as a Briton in the USA, she will be helped to understand the cultural context of her work and become aware of broader issues in art-making and reception. Christina plans to return to Glasgow after completing her studies in San Francisco and help to establish new links between the two cities through exhibitions and residencies.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award supports Christina for the first year of study towards a Master of Fine Art at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Since the Award

During her first year, Christine had three exhibitions in the student galleries of the Art Institute and outside the Institute her work was screened at the 'Evergold Gallery' in San Francisco. Christina continues her studies towards a Master of Fine Art.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trustees. Their support is deeply appreciated.