Daniel Hunter

ARTFORMS: Violin , Music


Despite his young age, Daniel has performed solo and as part of a group at many top traditional music festivals, including Celtic Connections, Ar Ais Aris and the Edinburgh Fiddle Festival. An extremely gifted multi-instrumentalist, he has won several All Scotland titles and has represented Scotland at All Britain and All Ireland competitions through the Comhaltas organisation. Daniel specialises in the performance of Irish traditional music.

From a musical family, Daniel’s ambition is to study traditional music at the RSAMD in Glasgow. All his four siblings play music. Besides displaying his prodigious talents in performances, Daniel exudes a great sense of fun and joy when playing which engages audiences in a remarkable fashion. Daniel has a particular flair for both Irish dance tunes and slow airs and has enormous potential as a player in the Irish traditional music scene in its international context.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Awards enabled Daniel to buy a Rab Cherry fiddle.

Since the Award

In common with many recipients of a Daughter of Dewar Award, Daniel struggled to get the right tone and sound from his old fiddle, which he found dispiriting. Once he found a Rab Cherry fiddle he liked, Daniel says himself that his playing took a big step forward. Both his quality of playing and his confidence in his instrument improved. He has also developed an interest in composing and arranging music. Daniel's positive experience mirrors that of many winners of the Daughter of Dewar Award.

I thank … all those at the Dewar Arts Awards for giving me the chance to purchase the fiddle that I have always wanted and I am sure it will make me a better player.