Stewart Webster

ARTFORMS: Music , Violin


Fife-born Stewart Webster comes from a very musical family and started to learn the piano and percussion at an early age. When he was 12 he included the violin in his repertoire. Like many aspiring young Scottish musicians, Stewart was accepted into the junior department of the RSAMD and progressed to the senior RSAMD where he is studying for a degree in music.

While still a student at RSAMD, Stewart auditioned for the RSNO’s professional access scheme. His ‘incredible lyrical and beautiful playing’ stood out from the other students for its maturity and individual style. His ability to communicate music to an audience has led many professional ensembles in Scotland to seek him out, and he plays regularly with the Alba String Quartet and the Scottish Ensemble. He also plays regularly with the Scottish Opera orchestra.

Stewart won the Eric Dodds Memorial Scholarship for the most outstanding violinist at the RSAMD.
While in his final year at RSAMD, Stewart won a place on the postgraduate diploma course at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Already considered to be a violinist of high calibre, Stewart will use this further year of study to help him reach his full potential.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award enables Stewart to purchase a violin of performance quality to last him into his professional life.

I came across an instrument which … I fell in love with instantly and have decided to purchase… I have been playing it constantly since and my new teacher assures me that it is most definitely good enough to go into the profession with.