Calum Huggan

Calum Huggan Music, Percussion

Raised in Lenzie, Calum began studying music at the RSAMD Junior Academy where his talent was first spotted. He went on to graduate from RSAMD Senior Academy with a first-class degree in timpani and percussion.

Cheryl McConachie

Cheryl McConachie Literature

Born and brought up in Elgin, Cheryl went to school at Elgin Academy where she won the first ‘Star Writer’ award. She has aspired to be a writer from a young age.

Deborah Rudden

Deborah Rudden Music, Opera

Hailing from East Kilbride, Deborah made her solo debut aged 16 singing with the RNSO in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. She has since developed into a singer of considerable talent and potential.

Hayley Johnson

Hayley Johnson Musical Theatre

Glasgow-born Hayley learnt to dance at the age of three and by age five was winning competition medals and prizes.

Isabella Swietlicki

Isabella Swietlicki Dance, Ballet

Isabella is a very gifted dancer with a wonderful natural facility for classical dance and a mature technique. The Awards have supported her studies from Ballet West through to the English National Ballet School.

Jennifer MacCallum

Jennifer MacCallum Music, Viola

Jennifer is a very talented viola player who will shine as a chamber musician. As a performer she is both commanding and imaginative. She is passionate about orchestral playing.

Jordan Blackwood

Jordan Blackwood Theatre, Directing

Jordan has been an enthusiastic member of the Paisley-based PACE Youth Theatre from a young age, rising through the ranks to become a Drama Worker during his gap year.

Natalie Montakhab

Natalie Montakhab Music, Opera

Recipient of an award in 2007 and in 2010, Lancashire-born Natalie joins the newly-formed Welsh International Academy of Voice for a year to prepare for her launch into a professional career in opera.      

Kirsty Hendry

Kirsty Hendry Visual Arts, Printmaking

Kirsty is a printmaker of real talent with the potential to become a leader in the field in the future. Her ambition is to return to Scotland to invest her skills in printmaking into the Scottish art scene and to keep printmaking alive in Scotland.

Philip Todd

Philip Todd Drama, Acting

Philip possesses a wide range of talents and skills and is ‘something of a Renaissance man’ in that he sings, plays a musical instrument, dances, acts, aspires to direct films and speaks Gaelic.

Natalie Ibu

Natalie Ibu Drama, Directing

Edinburgh-born Natalie is Artistic Director of her own company We Were Here, a creative ensemble for emerging practitioners seeking to develop their craft through experimentation and exploration.

Roslyn Paterson

Roslyn Paterson Drama, Acting

Roslyn is in her final year at ALRA, studying for a degree in acting. She is an intelligent actor who gives a subtle and believable performance.

Samantha Doherty

Samantha Doherty Dance, Musical Theatre

Samantha is a very musical and dynamic dancer to watch. She is equally at home with classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz, with a growing potential as a choreographer.

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith Visual Arts, Sculpture

Sandy Smith graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2005 with a first class degree in sculpture. He is considered to be one of the most exciting contemporary artists to emerge through the Glasgow art scene in the last ten years.

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie Ward Visual Arts, Animation

Stephanie has a passion for art, especially fantasy art. Her range of styles as an animator is impressive, from detailed to minimalist, from humourous to profoundly serious. Her goal is to develop a career as an animator.

Timothy Cooper

Timothy Cooper Music, Composition

Timothy is a composer who works equally in the electroacoustic studio and with instruments. His music has been performed around the world. Tim enjoys working across art forms and has completed sound designs for theatre, film and photography.

Yusuf Javed

Yusuf Javed

For as long as he can remember, Yusuf has loved the cinema and enjoyed telling stories. His ambition is to find new and interesting ways to tell great stories, following in the footsteps of some of his cinematic heroes.