Adil Iqbal

ARTFORMS: Textiles , Fashion , Crafts


Born and raised in Edinburgh, Adil studied Clothing Design and Manufacture at Heriot Watt University. Since graduating he has built up an impressive portfolio.

Adil's designs have been showcased at celebrated fashion weeks in London and New York. He has worked with high profile labels including TataNaka and Hugo Boss and has been featured in Vogue. He now runs his own label Adil Design.

Through his work, Adil explores themes of society, culture and time. He incorporates "echos of his travels and his Pakistani heritage". He has a passion for cross cultural collaboration that promotes the sharing of knowledge and skills.

How the Dewar Awards Helped

Funding from the Dewar Arts Awards will support Adil's project work connecting weavers of the Outer Hebrides with embroiderers of Chital, Pakistan. Adil aims to develop an exchange of ideas and techniques, establishing a craft dialogue between the two regions. A series of workshops in Scotland and Pakistan will produce innovative design work consisting of collages, hand drawings, embroidery and digital printed fabrics. Celtic Folklore will be interpreted and translated into contemporary hand-loomed textiles, culminating in a travelling exhibition.

Through this project, Adil hopes to create a bridge between communities and promote cultural awareness between Scotland and Pakistan.

My aim is to push the boundaries of arts and crafts...through collaboration between communities