Rebecca Wilcox

ARTFORMS: Sculpture , Visual Arts


After moving to Scotland to complete a BA(hons) in Sculpture and Environmental Art, Rebecca stayed on to complete an MRes (Master of Research in Creative Studies).  She has since continued to develop her practice as an artist and has been an active contributer to the arts in Glasgow. 

Rebecca has organised and curated a number of exhibitions, including presentations at the Glasgow International Festival and the CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts.  She served for two years on the committee of Transmission Gallery and has worked for Art in Hospital, an organisation providing art programmes in a variety of healthcare settings.

Considered by the CCA to be "one of the most outstanding young artists working in Scotland today", Rebecca's work is described as intelligent and thoughtful with a consistent generosity towards her audience.




How the Award Helped

Rebecca received an award to support her in a prestigious six-week residency opportunity at the Banff Centre, Canada. 

The residency is considered one of the best programmes internationally.  It was conceived by Will Holder, and has input from other esteemed artists, critics, curators and musicians including David Reinfurt (of Dexter Sinister) and Richard Birkett (of Artist\'s Space New York).

Through intensive workshops, discussion and studio time, the residency will allow Rebecca to investigate documentation, publishing, and improvisation as ways of approaching the creation of new works, as well as revisiting existing works.  This will provide an immense boost to Rebecca’s practice and enable her to interact with other artists and thinkers of the highest calibre.




Participating in this residency will give me a much needed period to focus and develop my practice.