Zayn Grieve

ARTFORMS: Rap , Music

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Zayn Grieve, widely known as SWVN “swan“ is a South African born rapper and artist based in South Glasgow. Heavily renowned as one of Scotland’s most versatile creatives and genre defying lyricists, SWVN resonates amongst this new exciting breed.

From a background of UKrap and grime, new up and coming artists are now spearheading the next generation in shaping Britain’s hip hop art culture and music scene.  They have their own authentic sound and style, fueled by honest emotion. Zayn Grieve is a shining example.

Driven and self-motivated, Zayn has overcome adversity to achieve a steady evolution in his progression as an artist. From humble beginnings and years of hard work, he self-funded rehearsal and recording sessions by selling his art, and collaborated with venues to gain a platform. He hosted his own events and delivered outreach to showcase local talent and create positive change, and in turn found the limelight. Perserverence and positivity are his strengths, and have ensured his success as an artist and a champion for new music.

How the Award Helped

Zayn's Award supported him in his development as an artist, providing support and equipment to help him take his talents to the next level.

SWVN official music video for 'Stay Up' - Wavvy Music.

"It's honestly so kind as well as encouraging - I always felt that I was on the right path, that music and art was my thing - this just confirms it for me. Thank you. I think it's important to believe in yourself but most importantly to believe in one another."