Awardee's Pilgrimage to Venice Biennale

Lure of the Lost: A Contemporary Pilgrimage

We are very proud of our Awardee Anthony Schrag, who embarks on an epic adventure this summer.  Anthony will begin a contemporary pilgrimage, connecting Huntly in the north of Scotland with the 'sacred centre of the art world'; the Venice Biennale.

Having received an award in 2005 to support his performative work at international exhibitions, Anthony has continued to develop his practice as an innovative and ambitious artist. He states:

"I often use strategies of ‘play’ as I believe it is an integral way of developing new knowledge and also allows access to a wide audience group, as it employs humour, physicality and risk, and most importantly, it does not entirely rely in the aesthetic judgements: I am interested in developing collective narratives, developing new knowledge and asking questions which encourages communities, groups or individuals to explore their place within the world."

Read more about Lure of the Lost: A Contemporary Pilgrimage from Deveron Arts:

What constitutes a contemporary pilgrimage? Already, in the 21st century we have seen a rise in the number of people making pilgrimages from all manor of faiths to sites believed to hold spiritual or reparative significance. The dominant motive for embarking on a pilgrimage is transactional: to request a favour from one's god(s), or to receive some sort of transformative action in exchange for penance or physical hardship. In this sense a pilgrimage is as much about the journey as it is the destination: the place of significance. What constitues a contemporary sacred site or place of significance? Arguably the notion of a 'sacred site' has become secularised; many of us who are not overtly religious hold certain places to be of great significance or cultural value, and are willing to make the journey to them. None so sacred in the art world as the Venice Biennale, that most revered of Biennales. Can the ethics of contemporary pilgrimage be applied to those making this journey, and what does this tell us about the system of values and beliefs that the biennale is an expression of? What do we stand to gain from such a journey?


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