Berklee welcomes Awardee Ciaran Roberts-Osterberg

Berklee College of Music Welcomes Awardee Ciaran Roberts-Osterberg

Having successfully attained all the funding required to support his studies, Awardee Ciaran Roberts-Osterberg has now taken up his dream place to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

Ciaran tells our Administrator, Patricia Rossi:

"I wanted to express my deepest gratitudes to yourself and Dewar Arts Awards. Without your support, I never would have been able to realise my dream!"

Ciaran is a 19-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Dundee. He started taking lessons on the drums, piano and vocals at school, as a way to cope with bullying from his classmates. 

Ciaran is autistic, which presents challenges for him in everyday life (such as social interactions, mental processing and understanding how other people think). However, music is something that comes very easily to him, and in which he has been able to flourish.

Having studied jazz and improvisation since the age of 15, Ciaran was inspired by greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Elvin Jones and Charlie Parker.  This led him to aspire to his dream of attending Berklee College of Music and becoming a professional musician.

Ciaran engaged in a campaign to gain the funding required to cover his studies, and achieved support and endorsement from trusts, individuals and celebrities including Curtis Stigers and five-times Grammy Award winner Antonio Sanchez.

We wish Ciaran every success with his studies, and in his future as a musician.


 Ciaran at the Berklee College of Music, Boston.


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