Since 2002, the Dewar Arts Awards have funded over 300 artists in a wide range of disciplines. Find out more about them here.  You can also find a selection of Awardees’ work on our Showcase page.

  • Gina Wright
    Gina is a talented young violist whose Award enabled her to join the Junior Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • Haneen Hadiy
    Haneen is a talented visual artist, whose work explores her Scottish and Iraqi identity.
  • Kira Charleton
    Kira Charleton
    Kira Charleton is a soprano singer from Ayrshire, who possesses a fresh sounding voice and the ability to sing both classical music and music theatre.
  • Blise Orr
    Blise Orr
    Blise's practice looks at urbanism and interior architecture through the design of more sustainable and considered cities.
  • Layla Ballard
    Layla Ballard
    Layla is a talented cellist from Edinburgh who studies at Royal College of Music in London under the tuition of Melissa Phelps.
  • Alana Smith-Saville
    Alana Smith-Saville
    Alana was the first person from Orkney to be accepted into the Dance School of Scotland.
  • Sam Marston
    Sam Marston
    Sam is a talented tenor vocalist, who is currently studying for a Masters in Opera Studies.
  • Rylan Gleave headshot
    Rylan Gleave
    Rylan is a Leith-based composer and vocalist who has been described as 'one of the brightest lights in Scotland’s new music.'
  • Caitlin Forbes
    Caitlin Forbes
    Caitlin is a dedicated musical theatre performer, with ambitions to take her skills to the highest level.
  • Sarah McCormack
    Sarah McCormack
    Sarah is an idiosyncratic fashion designer, who uses experimental techniques to pair the old and the new.
  • Rachel Neil
    Rachel Neil
    Rachel is an award-winning brass player who has worked as a tutor and soloist with bands across Europe.
  • Craig Manson
    Craig Manson
    Craig creates performance art using comedy and improvisation, and aims to develop audiences from working class backgrounds.
  • Taylor Hall
    Taylor Hall
    Taylor is a talented actor from Glasgow, who received support from the Dewar Awards to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.
  • Ceri-Ann Townsend
    Ceri-Ann Townsend
    Ceri-Ann is a multi-instrumentalist, who gained a place to study at the Junior Conservatoire before applying for a BA at the RCS.
  • Harris Beattie
    Harris Beattie
    Harris Beattie is a truly exceptional dancer and choreographer from Aberdeen, who played the role of 'Billy Elliot' in London's West End.
  • Rhianne Goldie
    Rhianne Goldie
    Rhianne is a textile designer who creates innovative, body-adorning textiles that raise awareness of ocean waste.
  • Timothy Edmundson
    Timothy is a British baritone who is a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) with a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and a Master of Music.
  • Mari-Anne Green
    Mari-Anne is a jazz vocalist, songwriter and composer from Glasgow, who was selected to perform her original music at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Tiger Mitchell Actor Musician
    Tiger Mitchell
    Growing up in St. Andrews in a Scottish/Thai household, Tiger is passionate about physical theatre, voiceover and music.
  • Lea Shaw Opera Singer
    Lea Shaw
    Lea is an award-winning Mezzo-soprano from the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, who came to Scotland to study at the RCS.
  • rosie dignan
    Rosie Dignan
    Rosie is a passionate and talented musical theatre performer from Dundee, whose Award supported her studies at Laine Theatre Arts.
  • ellie jack actor
    Ellie Jack
    Ellie is a determined and talented young actor whose Award enabled her to study at The Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol.
  • charlie duncan actor
    Charlie Duncan
    A talented actor and theatre-maker, Charlie has impressed the Scottish arts community with fresh and detailed performances.
  • Colum Donovan-Paterson vocalist
    Colum Donovan-Paterson
    A gifted young opera singer, Colum is noted for his passion and drive.
  • anton ferrie writer
    Anton Ferrie
    A talented and creative writer with a background in acting, Anton works across multiple mediums to tell his stories.
  • james lyon actor
    James Lyon
    With a love of teaching and travel, James is an actor with big ambitions to explore the social & cultural benefits of acting.
  • edward howat sculptor
    Edward Howat
    A talented prop-maker and sculptor, Edward has worked on TV shows and received numerous commissions.
  • georgina macdonell finlayson musician
    Georgina MacDonell Finlayson
    Georgina is a violinist, composer, sound artist, and community arts practitioner from the North East of Scotland.
  • sonya smullen set designer
    Sonya Smullen
    Hailing from Glasgow, Sonya Smullen is a well-rounded practitioner in film & theatre set design with a background in music.
  • ryan mackenzie musician
    Ryan MacKenzie
    Growing up around the folk music scene of Strathspey, Ryan is an accomplished pianist with many credits to his name.
  • myrna tennant singer
    Myrna Tennant
    A versatile vocalist, Myrna studied on the Artist Masters programme at the Guildhall School of Music, thanks to her Dewar Arts Award.
  • Tony Polo
    Tony felt on the back-foot when starting his dance training at 18, but found that with hard work and determination he was able to quickly develop his skillset.
  • Anya Phillips
    Anya Phillips
    After four years at the Dance School of Scotland, Anya successfully auditioned for both the Central School of Ballet and the Elmhurst Ballet School.
  • Jacqueline Wheeler
    Jacqueline Wheeler
    Jacqueline dreamed of studying at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music. In 2020 she achieved her dream with the help of a Dewar Arts Award.
  • Thomas Cameron
    Thomas Cameron
    Thomas is a painter with a distinctive poetic vision. His award enabled him to maintain studio space and to create a body of work focusing on the people and places of Glasgow.
  • iain clarke pianist
    Iain Clarke
    Iain is a critically-acclaimed classical pianist from the Isle of Arran.