Since 2002, the Dewar Arts Awards have funded over 300 artists in a wide range of disciplines. Find out more about them here.  You can also find a selection of Awardees’ work on our Showcase page.

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Musical Theatre
Visual Arts
  • Tiger Mitchell Actor Musician
    Tiger Mitchell
    Growing up in St. Andrews in a Scottish/Thai household, Tiger is passionate about physical theatre, voiceover and music.
  • Lea Shaw Opera Singer
    Lea Shaw
    Lea is an award-winning Mezzo-soprano from the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, who came to Scotland to study at the RCS.
  • rosie dignan
    Rosie Dignan
    Rosie is a passionate and talented musical theatre performer from Dundee, whose Award supported her studies at Laine Theatre Arts.
  • ellie jack actor
    Ellie Jack
    Ellie is a determined and talented young actor whose Award enabled her to study at The Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol.
  • charlie duncan actor
    Charlie Duncan
    A talented actor and theatre-maker, Charlie has impressed the Scottish arts community with fresh and detailed performances.
  • Colum Donovan-Paterson vocalist
    Colum Donovan-Paterson
    A gifted young opera singer, Colum is noted for his passion and drive.
  • anton ferrie writer
    Anton Ferrie
    A talented and creative writer with a background in acting, Anton works across multiple mediums to tell his stories.
  • james lyon actor
    James Lyon
    With a love of teaching and travel, James is an actor with big ambitions to explore the social & cultural benefits of acting.
  • edward howat sculptor
    Edward Howat
    A talented prop-maker and sculptor, Edward has worked on TV shows and received numerous commissions.
  • georgina macdonell finlayson musician
    Georgina MacDonell Finlayson
    Georgina is a violinist, composer, sound artist, and community arts practitioner from the North East of Scotland.
  • sonya smullen set designer
    Sonya Smullen
    Hailing from Glasgow, Sonya Smullen is a well-rounded practitioner in film & theatre set design with a background in music.
  • ryan mackenzie musician
    Ryan MacKenzie
    Growing up around the folk music scene of Strathspey, Ryan is an accomplished pianist with many credits to his name.
  • myrna tennant singer
    Myrna Tennant
    A versatile vocalist, Myrna is currently on the Artist Masters programme at the Guildhall School of Music, thanks to her Dewar Arts Award.
  • Tony Polo
    Tony felt on the back-foot when starting his dance training at 18, but found that with hard work and determination he was able to quickly develop his skillset.
  • Anya Phillips
    Anya Phillips
    After four years at the Dance School of Scotland, Anya successfully auditioned for both the Central School of Ballet and the Elmhurst Ballet School. Her Award supported her studies at her chosen school - Central.
  • Jacqueline Wheeler
    Jacqueline Wheeler
    Jacqueline dreamed of studying at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music. In 2020 she achieved her dream with the help of a Dewar Arts Award.
  • Thomas Cameron
    Thomas Cameron
    Thomas is a painter with a distinctive poetic vision. His award enabled him to maintain studio space and to create a body of work focusing on the people and places of Glasgow.
  • iain clarke pianist
    Iain Clarke
    Iain is a critically-acclaimed classical pianist from the Isle of Arran.
  • Kari Hall
    Kari is a dedicated performing artist, whose Award enabled her to pursue her dream of attending drama school.
  • Roisin Lavery
    Rosie Lavery is an accomplished soprano from Glasgow who is determined to become an international performer
  • Christopher Michie
    Christopher is a promising flautist and an ambassador for fair access in the arts.
  • Alexis Tie-Gill
    By the age of 13, Alexis had proven herself to be an accomplished pianist and violinist, and was selected to lead the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.
  • Amy Paterson
    Amy is an award-winning Tenor Horn player, whose skill and determination gained her a place at the Royal Northern College of Music.
  • Ciaran Roberts-Osterberg
    Ciaran is an autistic multi-instrumentalist who excels at drums and jazz.
  • Frances Allen
    Frances combines music and design to explore the possibilities for immersive and interactive composition.
  • Joshua Parkhill
    Joshua is an award-winning trombonist with a passion for teaching and community outreach.
  • Calum Moore
    Calum is a writer-director who created his first play in full iambic pentameter.
  • Melek Ipek Vursavas
    Melek Ipek moved to Scotland from Turkey, and from the age of four began to demonstrate exceptional capacity as a pianist.
  • Tallulah Molleson
    Whilst studying at St Mary's Music School as a chorister, Tallulah began playing saxophone and discovered a love of jazz music. She went on to study jazz saxophone at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, supported by a Dewar Arts Award.
  • Daniel Toderas
    Born in Romania, Daniel moved to Scotland at the age of 13 and is determined to show that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams.
  • Symone Hutchison
    Symone learned the trombone as part of Sistema Scotland's 'Big Noise' programme, and now hopes to give back to others through performance and teaching.
  • Kirsty Craig
    Kirsty Craig is an accomplished dancer and multi-faceted perfomer with a capacity for singing, acting and teaching
  • Luke Gallagher
    An aspiring actor, Luke believes his working class Glasgwegian upbringing has given him the positivity and tenacity to succeed
  • Karah Pollock
    Demonstrating natural talent and flair for dance, Karah began her award-winning career from the age of three.
  • Liam Bonthrone
    Liam is a highly accomplished tenor from Perth, who credits the leaders of his hometown community choir for nurturing his talent for music.
  • Jennifer Bruce
    Jennifer received a Dewar Arts Award to enable her to study dance and musical theatre at her dream college.