2010 Awardee: Louis Paxton

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude at such a generous offer


Budding film-maker Louis Paxton has won a place at the prestigious NFTS. He already has an impressive track record in film, his films having been screened in numerous international film festivals. Amongst the awards his work has garnered are a National Royal Television Society award for Choreomania and the audience award at the Jim Poole Scottish Short Film Award competition in 2010 for his short film Fool Proof.

Louis studied TV Operations at Edinburgh’s Telford College before going on to further training in film at RSAMD where he was considered to be a first-class student. His work has won several awards and accolades and he is seen as an exciting new voice in Scottish film. Louis brings to film both humour and style and is a Scottish talent to watch.

Louis joins a growing group of exciting Scottish talent in film which the trustees have been delighted to support.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award will contribute to the substantial costs to pursue an MA in Directing Fiction at the NFTS, Beaconsfield.

After a very successful first year at NFTS, the trustees were pleased to extend their support of Louis into the second and final year.

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude at such a generous offer