2006 Awardee: Sarah Hutchison


The professor of silversmithing at the Edinburgh College of Art ranks Sarah as “one of the two remarkable fine metalworkers I have encountered during my teaching career.” The other being Andrew Lamb, Dewar Arts Award winner in 2003.

The most remarkable aspect of Sarah’s work is that within a very ancient craft she has found an innovative way of making silversmithing pieces. By breaking historic ‘rules’ she is developing an entirely fresh way of working.
Sarah is also very unusual in that she works comfortably and skillfully in both silversmithing and jewellery. Sarah injects an entirely feminine and decorative aesthetic to functional objects by including stones and pearls within silversmithing pieces.

Already winner of several prestigious awards, including 2004 Student Designer of the Year, Sarah is “an ambitious spirit” who consistently produces exciting, fresh and radical work.

Originally from Port Seton near Edinburgh, Sarah is ready to take her place on the international arena.

The Dewar Arts Award will enable Sarah to design and produce three large-scale objects in silver and gold and support a study visit to Mexico to develop her ideas.

Since the Award

Sarah successfully completed a magnificant candelabra, a pair of water jugs and a milk and sugar set to go with a teapot (see images in her gallery) during her year supported by an Award.  She would not have made the teaset on speculation, yet it beautifully showcases her incredible talent as a silversmith.

Sarah writes, “My Dewar Award came at a great time for me in my career.  I was feeling confident and inspired to make bigger pieces.  I would never have been able to finance myself and I really have learnt a great deal over the past year.”