2008 Awardee: Sarah Markey


Sarah is a highly talented, multi-instrumentalist with a passion for playing music. She started playing the flute when she was 8 years old and, along with the harp and penny whistle which she also plays, has qualified to British level.

Not content with three instruments, Sarah is currently teaching herself to play the guitar and fiddle. Her ultimate aim is to study music at university and become a professional musician.

It is in the flute that Sarah excels, playing both solo and as part of a band, and she has won many awards in Scottish, British and International competitions.

In 2007, Sarah was part of a group which performed during a visit to Coatbridge of Mary McAleese, President of Ireland. Two years earlier, she had played at a ceremony at Celtic Park with the same group which performed a piece especially composed for the occasion by conductor and composer, James MacMillan.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award will enable her to buy a performance standard 6-keyed flute in ‘D’.