Dance on Film – Update from Awardee Jennifer Bruce

Awardee Jennifer Bruce recently wrote to us, updating us on an achievement she is proud of. 

Jennifer received a Dewar Arts Award in 2019, to support her studies in musical theatre at Bird College in South East London.  This was her dream place to study, and her award helped her to get there.

Jennifer was excited to tell us about a competition she took part in, exploring dance on film;

“This last term at college, a choreographic competition was set at Bird College…The task was to create movement and film it, thinking about your artistic choices as a director, choreographer and artist.”

Using Amanda Gorman’s poem ‘The Hill We Climb’, Jennifer chose parts of the poem that inspired and resonated with her;

“This was something I really wanted to do as I love capturing dance on film, and wanted to develop myself as an artist who can discover and delve into multiple disciplines within the art form. It felt amazing to get creative during this difficult present climate.”

Jennifer explained that her training had been quite challenging since the start of the year, as since January she unexpectedly had to study online and stay home in Scotland. However, she didn’t let this hold her back;

“Using my iPhone, free editing software and a cold hill at home, I managed to make a piece of work I was really proud of.”

Participants submitted their videos to be judged externally.  The top 10 entries were selected by international company Alleyne Dance. They were then judged by Mark Smith – the founder and director of Deaf Men Dancing – and Stephen Mear CBE – a choreographer and director of musical theatre shows including Mary Poppins.

“I am over the moon to say my piece was selected in 3rd place.  It was truly an honour to have people of such high calibre watch my work. I am proud of myself as it really was something I wanted to do for me and for my love of dance.”

Jennifer added;

“I also wanted to thank the Dewar Awards especially for their continued support in my training…it is a great help in my journey towards the pathway to my goals.”

Congratulations Jennifer!

// Watch Jennifer’s video below
// Read more on her Awardee Profile.

Jennifer Bruce – The Hill We Climb