2007 Awardee: Christopher Murray

I am delighted to accept the Dewar Arts Award.


Hailing from Glenrothes, Chris Murray studied film and media at Stirling University. As a student he impressed as one of the best thinkers and practitioners about aspects of film-making, especially editing, of his year and demonstrated real creative potential.

From there Chris went on to volunteer for a year, under the auspices of Project Scotland, for Boxstar, the West Lothian Youth Theatre film and media facility. During that year Chris worked on 15 film productions, including So now you can vote!, a short film designed to encourage teenagers to use their vote, contracted by West Lothian Council.

While there, Boxstar staff say that “he developed an in house edit style for the organisation which has resulted in the quantity and quality of our film-making improving significantly.” This also had the beneficial effect of encouraging more young people to get involved in film-making as the quality of the end product improved.

Chris impressed Boxstar so much that they offered him a full-time job at the end of his year. His ambition is to become a top-class film editor, working within the emerging Scottish film industry.

How the Award Helped

The Dewar Arts Award funds Chris to attend a short course on film editing at the Metropolitan Film School in London.

Since the Award

Christopher successfully completed the short course on film editing. He writes that technically he is much more proficient with the editing software than before he started the course, artistically his knowledge of film has been broadened and he is more focused on his future career ambitions.

I am delighted to accept the Dewar Arts Award.