Graeme Truslove

ARTFORMS: Music , Composer


Graeme is a composer with a difference, his 'instrument' is a computer. He is the first electroacoustic composer to be funded by the Awards. Graeme combines technical innovation with artistic integrity to produce exciting new sounds.

Graeme works in electronic music, working with performing musicians in the studio to produce compositions based on the sounds of the instruments, and also producing music based on electronic sound.

Some highly innovative elements of his current research included 'live electronics'. He explains, "in composing for live electronics… the composer creates an electronic instrument and writes a score for its performance, requiring the presence of a 'technology performer' to play it. This approach has influenced the way I structure my pieces."

Recent work with theatre directors and a visual artist on a three-dimensional adaptation of 'The Tempest' has led to interesting collaboration on a new play, investigating the possible influences that interactive music can have on narrative when introduced at the script-writing stage.

How the Award Helped

Graeme received a Dewar Arts Award to support him while studying for a PhD in composition at the University of Glasgow’s Department of Music.  The award funded the creation of Electroacoustic Suite II, premiered in April 2007 in Glasgow.

Since the Award

Graeme successfully completed his PhD in 2009. His composition, Electroacoustic Suite II, which formed part of his doctoral portfolio, is in three movements, Portals, Convergence in Four Directions and Divergent Dialogues.

The award enabled me to refine and enhance the methods I have been working towards for years now...I am very grateful to have received such an opportunity at this stage in my artistic development.